Had my first bbq burger of the year yesterday! 🌞🍔Shame that i was only awake for five hours yesterday to enjoy the weather due to being so ill though hense why I’m so awake at 7am ahhaha.

Ive had a fab week as I’ve been constantly busy and surrounded by friends therefor been able to forget everything, but now I’m home alone so I’m over thinking everything and feel shit. Hurry up thursday so i can be busy for a few days again

This is a strong contender for my favourite shot from the set I did with People in Photobooth as part of the INKED project. The whole thing was such a fun and liberating experience. I can’t wait for a second go in the booth - my back looks so bare in these!The full set can be found

Please don’t remove credit, thanks.

This weekends been fab, and next weekend I’ll be spending a few days back in Manchester where I’ll see my fave people and celebrate baby nats birthday and see brand new and get a hair cut! Excited!